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  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification training course

    Reasons to get PMP certification

    Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification training course makes you ready as the most proficient project manager among your peers. The PMP training course provides everything which one seeks in order to be the master of the field. However, to get the certification, one needs to clear the PMP exam.

    So here are a few perks of PMP certification.

    Recognized world wide

    PMP helps you to enhance and recognize your skills worldwide. The PMP exam tests you on five project management processes – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

    Good job opportunities option

    According to the recent survey, 35% PMP certified project managers had a better project performance. People who go for PMP can get a better job and this certification provides better opportunities in the global project management scenario.

    If you are already doing some job this certification can help you to increase your salary dramatically.

    To Introduce to new and challenging projects

    This certification helps you to handle challenging projects. A PMP credential thus validates your skills and experience in successfully completing challenging and critical industry-based projects.

    Networking Potential

    You will be contacted by those who already hold PMP certifications, moreover, this might help you to obtain your next job.

    More the contact with people more chance of getting a good job or find another whenever you plan to move on.

    Build self-confidence

    PMI certifications build self-confidence. With a PMI certification, you define yourself beyond a job title while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

    So these were just a few benefits of PMP certification.

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  • Few hacks about corporate world

    Few hacks about corporate world

    Entering into the corporate world and all worried?
    Well, life in a corporate world is never a cake walk, but I guess it’s okay because it is meant to be that way to make you work your fingers to the bone.

  • How to present yourself in front of a Venture capitalist

    How to present yourself in front of a Venture capitalist

    A big business starts with a great idea!

    You must have a lot to tell, about yourself and your company, but one should always know that what your VC wants to hear and bring that to the table. Focus on what he/she is thinking.

    Always try to express your idea in one sentence. Make it short, crisp and convening.

    Make sure you walk in with a strong personality carrying a lot of confidence with you and leave an unforgettable impact on his/her mind.

    One should never say few lines like, “Can I get your 10 minutes.”

    Thinking of another way rounds why anybody will take a decision to invest in your company in 10 minutes?

    That’s quite unrealistic.

    Keep your thought process from both the sides of the table and try to be a little street smart in doing things.

    You may be a topper in your school or college, but for such business meetings, you need your smart attitude drive from the front. Always be clear in what you are providing and try to keep it interesting so that they can stay intact with you throughout your presentations. Long presentations usually come out boring. Try to restrict yourself from saying those monotonous things, like “ You will never regret if you invest.”

    Have you really wondered why will he/she even invest if they are not cent percent sure?

    Think again!

    Another point which one should always focus on is “Introduction”.

    What are you bringing to the table, will it bring them or you will have to eat alone.

    Always portray you master stroke side in front of a VC. He is not interested in knowing your stories or your past struggle, all he wants to know is “the idea”

    After all, he is investing his money we have to go according to him. Shouldn’t we?

    Never forget you are not the only one who needs him/her, at some point they need you equally so don’t ever plead or bow down to their conditions.

    If your idea works for them Bravo!

    But if don’t, then I guess it’s fine because something better might be waiting for you.

    So these were just a few things which you can keep in mind before meeting with a venture capitalist and present your masterpiece in front of them.

    Kindly stay tuned to receive more updates. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

  • Entrepreneur: Doer not a dreamer

    Entrepreneur: Doer not a dreamer

    No one becomes an entrepreneur in one day rather it takes thousand of late nights and early mornings which pays off. They always search for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity.
    The most successful people are those who are ready to take risks and know what failure is. What makes you a great entrepreneur?

  • Are you a good listener

    Are you a good listener?

    In your daily life you meet thousands of people whom you speak to or putting it vice-versa thousand of people speak to you, but that doesn’t matter what matters is are you listening? Even if you don’t realize at times you just listen to a person for the sake of replying and not understanding. Well, in that case, you are just hearing and surely you are not a good listener.

  • Insta gram

    Instagram Bios

    Instagram is one of the best photo sharing platforms as well as short videos, with your followers. This platform is best to develop an acquainted relationship with your customers. After all, “The only person who needs to be convinced for your business to become a success is you.

  • Role of Facebook in your marketing

    Role of Facebook in your marketing

    It has a large social network with billion of active users. Being on Facebook is much more than chatting with your friends it helps you to find new people and build a long lasting relationship with them. Facebook business page helps people to find and connect with you easily.

  • Addiction can make you successful here is how

    Addiction can make you successful, Here is how

    If you search “How to be successful” online, then you will receive infinite advice on the web. The Internet is flooded with ideas and content. Such advice and ideas can certainly motivate us into doing something great, but at the same time, too much advice can puzzle us too.

  • Online reputation management

    Online reputation: How do you look online?

    Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Online reviews say it is.”
    It takes a good amount of time and effort to establish your business and make it grow. In this digital era maintaining your business reputation on world wide web is very essential. It is the essential personal branding tool of our time.

  • Power of words: Valuable content

    Power of words: Valuable content

    Let your customers find you through valuable content creation. Attract quality prospects and entice them to keep coming back.
    So here are few tips to create consistently valuable content for your blog: